History of NGO ECO-SUD

The NGO was officially registered with the Registry of Associations under the name ECO-SUD on the
11th February 2000. It is located in Blue-Bay and has 65 members.

ECO-SUD has been affiliated to MACOSS (Mauritius Council of Social Service) since 2001.

In 2008, ES joined other organisations dealing directly and indirectly with the sea environment under the aegis of the MSDA (Mauritius Scuba Diving Association).

ECO-SUD's objectives are to:

- Defend all species and/or sites threatened by damage or destruction on the Mauritian territory;
- Protect the environment;
- Raise public awareness on ecological issues;
- Promote equilibrium between economic development and environmental protection;

Over its past 10 years of existence, Eco-Sud has led 3 important combats against some deemed "un-environmental" projects - and offered alternative solutions to the promoters:

From 1999 to 2001 - Opposition to the Follies hotel project situated on l'île aux Deux Cocos right in the marine park of Blue Bay.

In 2005 - Opposition to the Ferney motorway project that would have passed through the last original endemic forest of Mauritius.

In 2009 - Opposition to a waste incinerator. Proposition to reduce waste, implement waste selection at home, recycling, compost and methanisation provided to the government.

Eco-Sud is not a scientific organisation and does not have any member with scientific background. What brings all Eco-Sud members together is love of nature (and the sea more specifically). It is that love that fuelled our combats, motivated us to take up strong positions in the past and talk and communicate them to the general public.

From the beginning, the NGO has had good working relation with the Ministry of Fisheries, the Research Center in Albion (AFRC), the Mauritius Oceanography Institute (MOI) and the specialised NGOs MMCS (Mauritius Marine Conservation Society), the MUG (Mauritius Underwater Group), the MSDA (Mauritius Scuba Diving Association), Reef Mauritius, Forever Blue and Shoals Rodrigues. Eco-Sud often worked with the above mentioned organisations to promote marine environment protection.

The NGO has also developed good relations with local fishermen and boat-men. The blue Lagoon project will be an opportunity for us to strengthen our relationship with these local actors and to work together with them, and so, in their best interest.

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