To conduct a survey aiming at a better understanding of the state of the site's marine environment, and to identify threatened species;

To work out an appropriate protection and monitoring strategy, supported by strict and certified scientific data;

To set up a marine observatory for the monitoring of the environment and sensitization of its stakeholders;

To sensitize, inform and train fishermen, tourism operators and the population at large on the importance of the protection of the marine and coastal ecosystem;

To sensitize and train teachers and students from primary schools of Mahébourg and its neighbouring region;

To encourage and help fishermen to preserve traditional fishing methods and local know-how so as to guarantee sustainable fishing

To support government in the working out of a legislation for an appropriate protection.

Consequently a series of sensitization tools and sensitization/training workshops will have to be developed in order to emphasize namely:

The importance of the challenges and of the objectives of marine and coastal environment conservation,

The ecological and socioeconomic threats, on medium as well as long term, represented by practices which are disrespectful of the rules for the sustainable management of a specific and fragile marine ecosystem.

It will be a must, among other things, to contribute to the reorganization of the struggle against irresponsible behaviors which destroy marine resources and flora.

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